Donna Marie Antoniadis named one of Forbes 20 Best-Branded Women On Twitter

When it comes to marketing a personal brand on Twitter, these women have what it takes.

This list of “best-branded” women on Twitter comprises travel experts, political bloggers, former models, social media gurus to happiness experts and TV producers. Despite their disparate backgrounds, all have one primary thing in common: They utilize social media to help promote their brand as well as a larger cause and always “give back” to the Twitter community.

Donna Marie Antoniadis has been named one of the Top 20 Best-Branded Women on Twitter, alongside celebrities such as Ivanka Trump, Maria Shriver, Kimmora Lee Simmons, and Alyssa Milano.

@DonnaAntoniadis is a digital, mobile and social media leader. She is the cofounder of, the first dual-profile social networking sit for women. Created for busy women, ShesConnected allows women to connect with other women in personal and professional areas.

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