Twitter Party Testimonials: Bloggers

“The  Twitter Party was the best I’ve participated in because there were representatives of the brands online to answer questions and provide information. I hope they understand their clients better after the Twitter party. I know I understand more about what they offer. Often Twitter parties seem to be about giving things away and getting a term to trend. The twitter  party was about connecting, though I’m sure some brands trended. It really was a party to be proud of.”
Barbara Dundas @OttMomGo

“If you’re going to throw a party on Twitter, you should first attend this Twitter party and take notes. Not only do they offer the chance to learn more about brands and connect with digital women, they also provide a unique opportunity for brands and influencers to engage in a fun and meaningful way. The turnout is always impressive, as are the prizes, which makes these Twitter parties very exciting. There is, undeniably, a lot of work and planning that goes into their Twitter parties, which consequently ensures their success.”
Diana Mancuso @teachermomoftwo

“What do you get when you cross fabulous brands with enthusiastic consumers? An incredible twitter party! Thetwitter party connected women and brands in real time, gave consumers a voice (that was listened to) and allowed brands to really get engaged! The discussions that continued through the night and into the next day, were further proof that this formula “works”!”
Heather Hamilton @tjzmommy and @zacksdream