Conversation Management

We know how to participate in the conversation

  • It takes an experienced team to participate in¬† the multiple conversations, across multiple sites, across multiple groups across the social web. Community managers socially amplify your marketing activities.
  • Community Managers manage your footprint

We know how to stimulate conversations, drive communities, and give voice to your brand

We know how to stimulate conversations, drive communities, and give voice to your brand

We have the toolkit

We have a great toolkit

  • Stakeholder Map / Organizational Alignment
  • Customer Personas
  • Community Guideline Document
  • Marketing & Editorial Calendar
  • Messaging Matrix
  • Engagement Flow & Escalation Guidelines
  • FAQs
  • Code of Conduct
  • Disclosure
  • Measurement & Reporting

We take your current campaigns and create conversations before during and after each one

We ensure to continue the conversation over a full year

We follow a Conversational Calendar

We look at all of your marketing campaigns and socially amplify all of them

The Conversational Calendar engages your customers/fans

Unique blend messages based on your marketing calendar and our methodology for continuing conversations

We create messages by channel:
  • Facebook/twitter/blog/other social networks
We also create the appropriate percentage of types of messages each month:
  • Marketing Messages
  • Promotional Messages
  • Conversational Messages

We understand stakeholder maps & organizational alignment

We provide your entire organization great insights

We build a scalable model that feeds off of one over-arching strategy

You can start with a couple of community managers and we can quickly scale to meet your changing requirements

We follow ground rules

Our community managers abide by our rules. They also abide by your corporate as well as legal and regulartory rules.