Corporate and Executive Training

Avoid Social Media Disasters: Get Trained

We train executives, marketing and key members of your organization to ensure that you have the best corporate social media policies and on-the-ground execution.

Our lead trainers have over 20 years of combined experience and are active influencers in the social media space with 100,000 Twitter followers, 9,000 LinkedIn Connections and 3,700 Facebook friends. The team will work with you to create a training program that socially enables your organization.

You need to walk to walk and talk the talk with social media. We believe that if you can use social media everyday you will understand how it can help your oganization. Our training sessions can show you how key members of your team can incorporate social media into their daily routine in just 5 minutes per day and 15 minutes on Friday.


Already have an internal training resources?

It’s difficult for executives to understand the value of social media unless they use it. It is often difficult for internal resources to train executives because executives don’t want to look as if they are unknowledgeable on a subject matter. For this reason we suggest one-on-one training for the executive team and key team members. We will create customized training and provide personal coaching.

Understanding that many organizations have great greatresource capabilities for on-going training –we aim to offer personalized training and coaching on the social tools, techniques and processes.