Engagement Tactics

In addition to a community managers daily routine, we recommend other engagement tactics to further extend the voice of your brand.

Brand Ambassador programs

Brand ambassador complement our community managers. We select number of dedicated blogger panel advocates that work with the Community Managers throughout the calendar year. These panel members get special recognition in the form of a badge or an avatar. They perform a limited number of tasks each month on behalf of the brand.

Pay-Per-Post bloggers

In order to take advantage of the blogosphere we also incorporate Pay-Per-Post bloggers to A program that works with bloggers to help promote your brand through targeted approaches including Sponsored Content, Product Reviews and Facebook Contests. We provide full disclosure with bloggers. These pay-per-post bloggers are ususally used one or a couple of times a year.

House parties

A party hosted by women usually in their homes. Each event is sponsored by a leading brand and focuses on something cool that the brand wants its best fans to experience firsthand and share with their friends.

Twitter and Facebook Parties

A short, fast-paced conversation around a pre-determined topic using Twitter and Facebook platforms. Twitter parties are a great way to generate millions of impressions during a couple of hours.