What are Community Managers


  • An external team that works to socially amplify your marketing messages
  • They work with both the brand and your agencies to ensure the conversation continues throughout the calendar year supporting brand messaging, monitoring conversations, actively engaging on other websites, blogger outreach,  as well as actively posting on behalf of the brand on Facebook and Twitter
  • Community Managers are selected based on their social profile, reach and area of expertise/knowledge
  • This is a longer-term relationship, usually a one year contract, and are exclusive to your brand category. They work a set number of hours i.e., daily 2-4 hours/day, 5 days a week
  • Community Managers are paid an hourly rate for their work


  • Mirror your customer personas so that you can connect with your demographic
  • Extend your social footprint
  • Participate in multiple conversations on in the social space
  • Cost effectively scale your social strategy