ShesConnected Speaking about Community Management Programs Through Social Networks at Social Media Conference in Toronto

4:30 – 5:30
Building and Maintaining Effective Community Management Programs Through Social Networks
Donna Marie Antoniadis – Co-Founder & COO, ShesConnected
Shes ConnectedMultimedia Corp

Social media enables conversations. Yet most companies that use Social Media miss out
on the opportunity to converse with their customers. If you are not in the conversation
with your customers, then you are not in social media.
Today consumers expect advertisers to not only have a presence on social media, they
expect to have a dialogue with them. This dialogue can be accomplished with effective
community management. Community management will give you the opportunity to
find out how consumers feel about your product and services, enhance product
development, improve customer care, and gain valuable information about competitors.
This session is designed to give you the information you need for effective community
management. You will learn how to:

* Use Social Media to:
o Gain customer insights
o Enhance product development
o Improve customer care
o Position your company as a thought leader
o Gain competitive information
o Keep the conversation going beyond the campaign
o Design integrated digital media campaigns that incorporate social media tactics

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