STATS: How Women Search And Share Product Info Online

STATS: How Women Search And Share Product Info Online

November 12, 2009 | Sarah Chong

women sharingEver wonder how women search and share product information online?

Statistic charts from eMarketer and reports from PopSugar and Radar Research will tell you exactly how. Interesting thing is, they also did a comparison between Gen Y and X women.

Undoubtedly, Gen Y is more online savvy then X, especially in the social media segment.
How women find information online

From the graph below, it seems that online newspapers and magazines are the most popular source of product/brand information. With more people getting information through online news sites, could this spell doom for the newspaper industry?

Search engines too are pretty much an essential tool when it comes to information digging. Many studies have shown the importance of maintaining visibility in search engines and news. Public relations still works in the digital era!

How women share information online

Surprisingly, the phone is still the favorite medium when it comes to information sharing. Email comes in second, something that online retailers might want to take note of. With all the hype surrounding social media, widespread adopted mediums such as email is easily forgotten. Including an email forwarding feature on your site would help make sharing among the ladies much easier.

Social media is not that great, yet

Social NetworkAs the statistics have shown (and with women ruling the social sites), social media has fallen behind in popularity when it comes to product information searching and sharing. Don’t be blinded by the social media hype.

Using social media as your only marketing platform might not be a smart move. Integrate your social media effort with old school SEO and banners ads can definitely yield a better result. Don’t forget offline media and PR techniques as well.

While there is the promise that social media is the future of marketing, it has yet to reach its optimal stage. The statistic is likely to change as time goes by, tilting favorably towards social media.

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