Women Dominating Facebook

Women Dominating Facebook

August 5, 2009 by Anna Farmery
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Inside Facebook report today on the distinct female demographic of Facebook. Social networking is a way of connecting and creating that sense of community and when I think about it, I suppose I can see why social networking will appeal to women. I think it is too easy to generalise about how the different sexes communicate and how they use or view social media. However, I also think it is important to recognise demographic changes on the web.

Over 60% of Facebook users in the US are now over the age of 25, which is a change in itself as over a year ago 50% of the social networking site were between 18-25. So what would I put that change down to?

  • The ageing of the original college students.
  • The ease of Facebook – no technical knowledge required! – has meant that people have found it as easy way to connect.
  • The 25- 55 range are time starved with heavy family and working commitments. Social networking is a way of feeling part of the community and keeping in contact easily with friends/family.
  • The middle range will be moving around during their careers and therefore their friends will be changing. Facebook allows you to easily keep track of people and keep in touch with them.

Therefore it seems to make sense to me that Facebook has a “middle” demographic.


As for the demographic growth, the numbers are quite stark when it comes to the female to male ratio. Can it be that women are more sociable?


source: http://www.bizzia.com/buzznetworker/women-dominating-facebook/