Donna Marie Antoniadis, CEO of ShesConnected speaking at Social Media Risks in Toronto on April 14th

The Canadian Institute’s Forum on Managing Legal and Business Risks in Social Media

Minimizing Risks to Your Organization When
Advertising and Marketing via Social Media

Donna Marie Antoniadis
Co-founder & CEO, ShesConnected Multimedia Corp.

Brian Fraser
Partner, Gowling Lafl eur Henderson LLP

Ruth Rapoport
Assistant General Counsel, Unilever Canada Inc.

Patrick Thoburn
Co-Founder, Matchstick

• Working tactically within the existing advertising
and marketing law framework
• What kind of notifi cations need to be provided to clients
and end-users? What are the consent requirements?
• Applying the latest legal developments when running
or registering in contests via social media
• Maintaining transparency and disclosure when working
with bloggers
• Evaluating industry regulation on endorsements and
• Collecting personal information from social media sites
• How can you legally use personal information for your business purposes