Pepsi Will Launch New Women’s Network During Social Media Week – WOW!!!

I was just checking my last couple of emails and I noticed one of my google alerts in my inbox. I could not click the link fast enough when I read the headline ”

“Pepsi Will Launch New Women’s Network During Social Media Week”.

What is the site about?

The PepsiCo Women’s Inspiration Network – PepsiCo WIN – is an online interactive network offering global female perspective, inspiration, and idea sharing through the involvement of experts, influencers and real women. It’s a network for all who are interested in listening, engaging, enabling and supporting women.

By providing access to informative content, PepsiCo Women’s Inspiration Network serves as a driving force of female encouragement and empowerment.

Well I have already registered – of course! I was the very first to “like” all of their content. Kudo’s to Pepsi for recognizing women. I will be in New York for social media week so stay tuned for details!

Check out the


Donna Marie