Research on Media Habits from BlogHer, ComScore, Yahoo, Unicast : What Do Women Want?

A number of studies have been released over the past few months exploring the behaviors, purchasing habits and needs of women online.

  • BlogHer released the 2010 Social Media Matters report in March 2010, a few months prior to the other studies listed in this post. This study was produced in partnership with iVillage and Ketchum, with the U.S. online general population survey fielded by Nielsen.
  • comScore Media Metrix, the Internet traffic measurement giant, just released a report called “Women on the Web” (How Women are Shaping the Internet; June 2010).
  • The Yahoo! Connectonomics team just completed a study that focused on how online advertisers and marketers can shape campaigns by recognizing women’s needs.(June 2010)
  • Additionally, digital research company Unicast released a study in June 2010 called “What Women Want from the Web.”

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