eMarketer Report – Moms Online 2009

The Internet is an integral part of the lives of 34 million mothers in the US. They not only go online to plan a trip or pay bills, they also use the Web to communicate with friends, share advice, blog and socialize.

The Moms Online report analyzes how Internet information and activities affect these key decision-makers for many family purchases.

Keeping up with their children has kept moms on the leading edge of new technologies and online activities—and they are among the most savvy of all online users.

Moms visit parenting and family Websites, but they also regularly view news, weather and political content online. They shop for their kids—and themselves. And when they find something great for their family, they talk about it, not only with their family and friends, but often with a much broader online audience. Social media channels such as blogs, social networks and Twitter give them platforms to extend their influence.

US Adult Female Internet Users with Children, 2008-2013 (millions)

Key questions the “Moms Online” report answers:

* How many mothers are online in the US?
* What are the most common online activities and destinations for moms?
* Why are moms so engaged with social media?
* How do moms use online resources to aid purchase decisions?
* And many others…

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