The Power of Social Media for Women 2012

We’re currently executing a large consumer research study that focuses on Social Media usage…stay tuned.

The Power of Social Networking for Women
Research Report

by Mark Grindeland and Cathy Harrison

Document Excerpt

As the classic slogan for Oldsmobile goes, “This is not your father’s Oldsmobile”, the juxtaposition for today is, “This is not your teenager’s Social Network”. 53% of online women use Social Networks at least weekly and the rate of Social Network adoption in the past year has been especially strong among older women. So what are the implications for advertisers, marketers, and social networks? In a word; OPPORTUNITY! Women are one of the most important demographics to advertisers.

Advertisers know that in order to be successful, you have to follow the money. And the money is in the purses of the women who are spending their time on Social Networks. Women control up to 85% of all household expenditures. They outnumber men online, and are spending a significant mount of time on Social Networks.

Research Capabilities

Maximize your social media with the ShesConnected yearly report. The ShesConnected research group are experts in using data analytic techniques to gain insights about the new trends and patterns in online consumer behavior and attitudes. Knowledge gained is used to improve segmentation, targeting, and community engagement as well as for positioning studies, and testing new marketing and product concepts.

ShesConnected conducts online polling, surveys and focus groups with a panel of ShesConnected members and a database of women who share their opinions and insights. We access specific market segments defined by age, education, income, marital status, lifestyle, activities, interests and attitudes to develop comprehensive client strategies.

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